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Pill Gun

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H Bar S
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  • The best I have found so far.

    Posted by Karen on Jul 7th 2022

    This is just like the one the vet gave me years ago. I have tried several brands of these that did not work as well as this one. If you have large capsule pills this may give you a little trouble but I was still able to make it work. Makes giving pills to my dog so much easier.

  • Easy

    Posted by Sharon on Sep 28th 2021

    I have a cat with claws and she isn’t afraid to use them! Purchased 3 and ended up having to give 2 pills a day. I simply load each pill into a pill pusher, wrap the cat then give one pill then the other!! Super easy and no scratches or bites! No problem! BTW It’s easier with two people- One steadies the cat the other tilts the head snd pops in the pills. Buy three and be prepared.

  • Just what you're looking for!

    Posted by Steve on Jun 7th 2021

    I used to be a vet tech and had an astounding amount of trouble finding the same pillers for pet sitting. Many ads knew what I (and apparently many others) were looking for but again and again, they’d feature a picture of the right one only to substitute it with entirely too subpar ones. These are split evenly at the top, made with durable, yet pliable tip material, have solid rigidity on the base material and the inner pole lands at just the right point to push out pills without threatening to jab a pets mouth. It’s suitable for capsules down to 1/4 tabs and happy that I finally found a reputable supplier. Thanks so much!

  • Low stability for pills

    Posted by maria on Apr 6th 2020

    The pills dont stay in and there needs to be more pressure for when the pills shoot out

  • Better for pet

    Posted by Amy on Apr 2nd 2020

    works great without worrying about the pill coming back up!

  • Dependable

    Posted by chris on Feb 24th 2020

    This pillar gets the job done fast.

  • Best Thing EVER

    Posted by Brian on Mar 9th 2016

    I would not have cats if it was not for this tool. Just load er up and pop it in the cats mouth, for the win!

  • Fantastic invention

    Posted by Bridget on Apr 27th 2009

    I have two of these and swear by them. Giving pills used to be a traumatic experience for both me and the cats, but with the pill gun it\'s very fast and easy. I definitely recommend it.