OraVet 8 x 2.5 mL Treatments

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  • lifesaver!

    Posted by anna on May 26th 2023

    my dog has CUPS disease. it’s super painful if not treated :( basically she gets ulcers because she’s Allergic to Plaque don’t ask me how lol. PSA if your dog’s vet says the problem is gingivitis but no treatments are working- go to a dental specialist! along with brushing her teeth every day i use this and let me tell yooouu! if i were to accidentally run out and don’t get to use it for even a day or two- symptoms (mucus-y saliva and redness) appear! so this stuff really works for us. it comes with these little eyeshadow blender looking things.. but the other comments are right it can get kind of tricky to use and know how much product is getting on the teeth. sounds gross but i just use my finger🤣 she’s a sweet baby and doesn’t mind! obviously that depends on the dog so don’t come to me with a missing finger lol i wish it came in a lil tub it would save me all the autoships but yes anyhoo 10/10 rec

  • recommended to use daily by dentist

    Posted by TARA on Feb 4th 2023

    my doggy's dental surgeon found bone loss in my pup at 6 mo, so recommended her teeth be brushed and oravet be used every day. my main issue is that the treatment is not easy to get out of the tray it comes in nor spread on teeth. the paste is translucent and vaseline-like so you can't tell when you've gotten it onto the gums nicely (thick and even). the pup is pretty accepting of this treatment though!

  • oravet gel

    Posted by Sharon on Sep 28th 2021

    This product works very well. We have an Abby whose breed is notorious for bad teeth. It hasn\'t prevented tooth loss, but it has definitely slowed it down quite a bit. I highly recommend it. Use it once a week and your cat or dog will thank you.

  • OraVet

    Posted by Sally on Dec 12th 2015

    This is the same product used by my Toy Poodles dentist when he has his annual cleaning.