Cat Attract

Cat Attract (20 oz)

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  • it works!

    Posted by cat l. on Jul 14th 2019

    My cat used to go anywhere but her box. We haven\'t found one accident since cat attract! I love this product and so does my cat.

  • Saved the day!

    Posted by Heather on Jan 22nd 2019

    We just adopted two kittens. One had no problem using the pine litter we had originally purchased, but the other refused to do her business in the litter box. Tried adding a box, changing the box, changing the location, nothing worked. At the recommendation of our local pet store we bought Cat Attract litter and both kittens are now using the litter box consistently.

  • Don't give up on your cat - TRY THIS FIRST!!

    Posted by Cat T. on Jul 20th 2018

    We have a cat that had SEVERE litter box issues. On the recommendation of his vet and a small sample package of Cat Attract, we tried it. To make a long story short, IT WORKS! I have ordered it (bought two bottles since I have three cats and three litter boxes) and when I get down to one bottle, will reorder some more. Don\'t give up on your cat - try this first. You and your cat will be glad you did!!!

  • Cat Attract

    Posted by Rick on May 20th 2017

    This product did not work for my cat. She was just pooping outside the box, now she is doing both outside the box.

  • It really worked!

    Posted by Joy B. on Aug 2nd 2016

    Had a 4 year old female cat that decided not to use the litter box anymore (had a two month remodeling project which scared her and she hid and of course did her business where she was hiding). Started to sprinkle Cat Attract in the litter boxes and she went right back to the litter boxes - no more problems! Will probably continue to use this product for a while - just in case....

  • Doesn't work for me

    Posted by Ruth J. on Feb 4th 2016

    I have a cat who is refusing to use the cat bos. I thought this might lure her into it but not so far. I have been trying this product for two weekis.

  • Did nothing for us :(

    Posted by Sabrina on Jul 18th 2012

    My cat has always been extremely finicky about the cat box, it has to be super clean or she won\'t go near it. Now she hardly uses it at all except to poop. This stuff was my last resort, and it did NOT work.

  • It works

    Posted by Eadie K. on Jun 11th 2012

    I have (and love) my eioght year old ragdoll. It was given to me as a gift after my husband passed away. Later we found out that the breeder was over breeding and so our little guy was was a victim of certain problems...pooping outside the litter box. Dr. Elseys has helped so much and we are a lot happier.